How to Make a Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause from Terra Cotta Pots

by AEA on March 15, 2010

Fun Christmas Clay Pot Craft Ideas

There are so many things you can do with clay pots.   Micheals  craft store is a great place to get more ideas from, this is where some of these ideas came from. You can also check out the rest of ourChristmas clay pot crafts on this site.

Fun Christmas clay pot craft ideas

How to Make a Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause from Terra Cotta Pots:

1. Collect all your materials:

  • 2 – two inch terra cotta pots
  • 1 inch pot for Santa’s hat
  • 4 mini wood pots for the hands
  • 4 wood parts for the arms
  • Paint
  • Sealer
  • 2 Large wood balls for the body
  • 2 Smaller balls for the heads
  • Fake hair
  • Hot glue gun

2. Next seal all your pots inside and out. This will help protect any moisture from getting in; if moisture gets in the paint will not adhere or last very long. There is a sealer that is made especially for terra cotta pots that you should be able to find at most larger craft stores with there terra cotta pots. I purchased mine at Micheals. You can also use most water based polyurethanes or sealers, just read their label to make sure they are okay to use with paint. Some sealers will smudge your paint job. Don’t use oil based polyurethanes, they will leave a yellow tint to your project.

3. Start your painting.

4. Hot glue your pots and wood parts in place.

5. Touch up any paint jobs.

6. Seal your Santa and Mrs. Clause.

7. Cut out material for an apron and bonnet for Mrs. Clause.

8. Attach your apron, bonnet and hair.

9. Draw faces on Santa and Mrs. Clause.

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