Handmade Dog Gifts

by AEA on March 15, 2010

Create Fun Pet Gifts

create fun pet gifts

I made my mom a treat container for her dog last year. I used a terra cotta pot, a saucer to match, a small wood ball, acrylic paints, non-toxic sealer and a hot glue gun. Before I painted the pot I covered it with a sealer that was made for terra cotta pots. I found the sealer at Micheals right next to their pots. I gave the pot a couple coats. Terra cotta pots are very porous, so it is important to seal them before painting. If you don’t seal your pots your paint will likely peal off as time goes by. Then I painted the outside of my pot and hot glued the ball on top.  After my paint was dry, I put three to four layers of sealer on.

Create Fun Pet Gifts

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