Who Pays for the Dinner Party

by admin on April 24, 2009

Who’s going to pay?

This is a topic that has been discussed many times but it never has really been resolved, until now. I suggest you use one simple method anytime there is a group. Split the bill and move on.

This minimizes that perplexing time towards the end of a dinner party about how the check will get paid. This is often a dilemma that no one cares to think too much about or even talk about for fear someone will think you are cheap. So here you are with a group of people; maybe friends or maybe not. The bill is a big one and you should be paying around $19 or round it up to $20, with tax and tip included. However, someone picks up the check and informs everyone that the total bill with tip is $280 or $28 per person. So here we go again, you have to pay an extra $8 so someone else could have a couple drinks with their meal. This really sucks! Just pay the $28 and move on.

So you can either pay the $28 or just put in your $20 and hope someone else makes up the difference or complain. Most people will just pay the $28 and be done with it. You ask yourself quietly, why didn’t the person reviewing the check come up with a fairer way to divide up the bill? Just pay the $28 and move on.

Now if this is with a group of friends that meet for dinner somewhat regularly, usually this will even out; sometimes you pay too much and sometimes you get by with less then expected. But what if this is a birthday party that someone else organized and you only know about half the people? Again just suck-it-up and pay the damn $28, it’s expected, it’s a birthday party.

Or since you brought a gift and someone else organized this gathering, they should be paying for the whole dinner. Or why don’t the one’s that had the $30 meal pay extra? So many questions, so little time. Just pay the $28 and move on.

Now the other way to divide up the check would be to have each person review the check and pay what they believe they owe. Sounds fair enough. But then this takes time to have everyone decipher the check (which can be difficult at times) some people can’t add correctly, some people forget the tax and the whole contribution comes up short. Then what? Anyway this is so silly, so time consuming, so cheap! Just split the check and move on.

What’s your opinion? Want more on this topic?

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Fatburner December 7, 2010

Whoa. That was a great article. Please keep writing because I love your style.


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