Reasons NOT to Host a Party

by admin on September 24, 2010

There are a lot of good reasons to host a party; special occasions, gathering of friends and holiday celebrations. However there are also some bad reasons that just make the party “suck” for others.

Revenge – If you want to retaliate against someone, don’t host a party and invite everyone else, friends and co-workers, but not them just in spite. This “tit for tat” attitude just shows a lack of confidence. You may loose more friends and feel even worst.

Ego trip – Don’t let your vanity drive relationships, especially when entertaining for others. Hosting a party may give you the feeling of superiority and control, but this is NOT a good reason to invite friends over for dinner.

Mercy – Providing sympathy may be OK to give your children but it is not a good reason to gather people together for someone else. It seldom makes others feel better when you are showing how sorry you are for them. Misery loves company, a big downer for a gathering.

Quid pro quo – Just because someone threw you a party, doesn’t mean you need to return the favor. Bring people together because you want to, not because you feel you must.

Popularity by association – Don’t bring people together just to be in association with someone famous or prominent in the community. Popularity is seldom gained from a one time association at a party.

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