Eco-Friendly Parties

by AEA on January 8, 2010

Eco-friendly, this is a topic we will be hearing much more about in the months and years to come. Most people want to be environmentally-friendly but it usually doesn’t happen. You may be too busy for the extra planning involved, not sure exactly what you can do or just doesn’t fit with your theme.

If you have watched An Inconvenient Truth, taking out trash bags of paper plates and plastic cups for the landfill may seem a little harsh. You could always use your everyday dishware, assuming you have enough place settings for your 20 guests. Or you could only serve finger food with no plates at all. Maybe we can do a little better, try these ideas:

  • First is to consume less. If you are using paper and plastic dishware, try to use less. Does any guest really need a second and third plate? Always look for ways to use less paper and plastic.
  • Re-cycle as much of your trash items as possible. Check with your local eco-cycle to find ways to re-cycle.
  • Use re-cycled items when appropriate.
  • Use some everyday dishware for setting out different food dishes on a buffet. Use re-usable storage containers instead of plastic bags.
  • Use markers or stickers to let your guests label their cups for re-use during the evening.
  • Use potted plants instead of cut flowers.
  • Purchase locally grown foods where it takes less energy to transport.
  • Plant a tree instead of having guests bring gifts.
  • Use the re-useable grocery bags when purchasing the food.
  • Choose foods that require less packaging. One out of every ten dollars spent pays for the packaging. Distinguish packaging used to protect your health from packaging used for marketing purposes.
  • Choose foods that are only on your list when shopping. Again consume less.
  • Use eco-crafts for party favors.

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